Lauren Naschenweng

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After I migrated and settled in Australia with my family, I felt the years I worked as a lawyer in my home country united with my personal experience. My willingness to help others in similar circumstances has given me the direction to pursue this career in immigration law.

I am passionate about understanding people’s needs and aspirations in relation to moving or remaining in Australia and I always ensure their concerns and doubts are addressed as clearly and effectively as possible so they can be confident in making the next step.

With my main focus on the Brazilian community and speaking natively and with my legal practise experience, I can see myself in a pivotal role in providing the best client experience and ensuring all doubts about the process are clarified, giving peace of mind to my customers.

What really makes my job worthwhile is seeing people gain confidence that they will be able to achieve their ultimate goals either moving to or remaining in Australia or being able to bring their love ones to this beautiful country. I am really passionate about sharing that moment and somehow being a part of their history.

Roisin McLaughlin

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With over 15 years’ experience across multiple sectors in the customer service industry, I have found assisting with immigration to be the most enjoyable and rewarding area to work in. My passion for immigration started when I first arrived in Australia and was offered the opportunity to learn new skills assisting Working Holiday makers secure a second-year visa. As I progressed from my own Working Holiday Visa to employer sponsored permanent residency I gained first-hand knowledge of what is most important to people going through the stress of changing their lives to come to Australia. My understanding of the challenges and concerns my clients face gives me a passion for finding solutions to make the process as simple and stress free as possible. It gives me great pleasure to know that my work is helping people achieve their dreams of new life in Australia.

Kimberley Lo

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I completed a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) and a Bachelor of Laws at the Queensland University of Technology. I then went on to complete my Practice Legal Training at the College of Law, and was admitted as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland in March 2014. I have previously worked in Financial Services Recovery and Plaintiff Personal Injuries, both of which required a high level of communication, negotiation and empathy towards everyday people. Having migrated from Malaysia to Australia at a young age, I have first-hand experience of the stresses and challenges migrants may face. This has encouraged me to provide exceptional assistance to people during their migration journey. After returning to the workforce after starting a family, I am excited to be a part of and contribute to the success of the diverse team at Hunt Migration.

Sandra Andrews

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My Journey with Hunt Migration began in 2011 and over the years I have watched the company grow.
I assist our executive staff in many areas of the firm, predominantly working within our accounts sector.
My background in Management and Human Resources has helped me to assist in developing strategies and programs to attract and engage a highly committed and proficient team.
Being part of one of the world’s leading immigration firms and watching doors open to new opportunities each and every day to our clients is very satisfying.

Kaylene Thureson

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My journey with Hunt Migration began in early 2013, and I bring more than 10 years’ experience in the customer service industry.
I strive to provide exceptional service to all clients who walk in our door at Hunt Migration. Ensuring their first experience is welcoming and knowing they are in the right hands with their visa assistance is my number one priority.
My favourite part of this role is listening to our clients’ backgrounds and understanding what they have gone through to come to our multicultural country, whether through family hardship or a working holiday that continued to residency after falling in love with Australia. Knowing we have assisted them with their new life in Australia brings me much joy in this achievement.