The Skilled Migration Program, also known as the General Skilled Migration Program, is for people who have skills in particular occupations required in Australia but are not sponsored by an employer.

The visa given is often referred to as a skilled migrant visa or a general skilled migration visa.

View visa details 189 Independent This visa is aimed at overseas students who have finished their studies in the last six months and as the name suggests it is independent of sponsorship or other criteria and relies on the applicant's skill base alone when deciding if they're suitable for immigration. View visa details 190 Sponsored This visa allows skilled workers who do not meet the point test for the skilled - independent visa to apply for permanent residency through state and territory nomination. View visa details 489 Reg. Sponsored This visa is designed to encourage migrants to live and work in regional areas of Australia where there are large skills shortages and significant numbers of job vacancies. View visa details 485 Graduate This is an onshore visa for international students in Australia who do not satisfy the requirements for permanent skilled migration to Australia.


From 01 July 2012, the Australian Government introduces an online service called SkillSelect. Intended applicants will need to record their details through an Expression of Interest (EOI). Applicants can then be nominated by Australia employers of state and territory governments through the SkillSelect model. An invitation is required before an application for a visa can be submitted.

Skilled Migration Visa Requirements

Applicants must be over 18 and under 50 years of age, with good English language ability, and relevant skilled work experience or qualification. Applicants must also have skills and qualifications for an occupation listed on Australia's Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL).

This program also works on a points basis with threshold points required.

There are different types of visas under the General Skilled Migration program, including skilled visa applicants who are sponsored by family members or State or Territory Governments.

Current Opportunities are Available for General Skilled Visas

We are currently seeking tradespeople (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, builders etc) and highly skilled professionals (doctors, nurses, engineers etc) to make applications for Australian migration. There is currently a critical shortage of these occupations in Australia and great employment opportunities.