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Migrants Lead by Example

10 Mar 2015 / Ken Hunt

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Migrants Lead by Example

In Perth today for work, and dining in the hotel restaurant as I am regularly required to do. I look around and again am not surprised to see that most of the hospitality staff are from beyond the borders of Australia. Chefs, waiters, bar staff etc, all new Australians doing their best to be productive and contribute to their new country. I regularly take the time to talk to management about their recruiting and hiring practices and am often told of the problems with trying to get Australians to do the jobs. More often than not applicants are not interested in entry level positions and they are not heard of again.

This reminds me of previous comments I have made and the need to remind the public of the reality of foreign workers entering this country.

As an employer I am constantly amazed how unwilling Australians are to wait on tables, wash floors, drive taxis, clean toilets and generally do jobs that are perceived as menial. We have a spoilt generation who don’t seem to understand the concept of starting at the bottom and working hard to get ahead in life. There is a certain amount of pride in building your career and being able to say to those that work for you that you have at some stage done the job they currently do and show that they too can work towards their dreams and career goals.

Without those that migrate to this country we would not have taxis on the road, hotels to stay in or resorts at which to holiday. Quite frankly migrants keep this country operating. They demonstrate a commitment to the position and a loyalty to the employer which is refreshing and an example to others. So I say to all young Australians who think they deserve a high paying career served to them on a platter, you need to wake up, start at the bottom and be productive. Demonstrate your worth through the job you do and petition for advancement on the back of your performance, not based on where you might have been born or where you went to university.

Hunt Migration recently posted some special offers promoting 457 visas which allow Australian employers to sponsor foreign workers. I would be lying if I said I was shocked by some of the racist, ignorant and obscene comments left on line about the program and those that use it, but unfortunately this element does exist in society and we have seen them before. The facts are the 457 programs are heavily regulated. Workers are required to be paid a statutory minimum wage of $53,900.00 per annum and employers have to demonstrate they have tried to seek out Australian workers and a commitment to training Australian workers in most circumstances. So the concept of the program being used to replace Australians with low paid workers is ridiculous and born out of ignorance.

We are being left behind, and without our new migrant Australians we will never catch up. Many employers are seeking workers but the truth is that many employers can only fill these positions with workers who originate from other countries. They are no less Australian than any of us, because other than the indigenous people of this country, we are all migrants.”

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